Что такое ЛайкLaik, this is the recommendation of a particular page (articles, parts of text, file, photos, videos, etc.) that one Internet user makes to another (or another) Simply put, if you found something interesting on the Internet for you and believe that it will be just as interesting for other users, for example your friends from Vkontakte, then recommend them this material. For this purpose, practically all social networks have a special functional that provides and automates this action. A vivid example is the installation of social network buttons on other sites. With the help of these buttons, anyone can instantly recommend the found material to their friends. If you now click on any of the social networking buttons, for example, on Twitter, it will automatically be sent a tweet to this page. But there is one small nuance … In order to put it for sure, you need to be authorized in this social network. Simply put, you have to be registered there and have your account. In addition, it is desirable that on the adjacent tab of the browser you have this page opened. If the registration is there but the page will not be opened then it is possible that the recommendation does not work (it’s as lucky). Very often, visitors are lazy, they are barking at the buttons of the social lock, but it does not open. This unfortunately happens … And it does not happen because of the owner of the site, but because of the illiteracy of the visitors themselves. In order to open the lock you must during the click on the button to be authorized in the social network. Simply put, when «Likaesh» is necessary so that on your next tab in the browser your social network page (for example, Vkontakte) was opened. Then the social lock will open for sure. Naturally, if you have not registered in any social network, then it will not work.